About This Site

This site was originally set up as a fan site by Alec Nunn in an attempt to re-release many of the long lost project files of Aeonhack. Since his arrest and imprisonment, I (Alec) have turned this site into a much more robust platform where I still intend to release the files, but now that I am using a proper CMS instead of hard-coding the HTML, I should be able to do much more and update it much more frequently.

Another note, the posts from Taylor are transcribed by hand by Alec Nunn and thus may contain spelling or grammatical errors. For the time being, I will leave the posts as is, quoted exactly as proposed in the letters from Taylor. I also intend to distribute scanned PDFs through our MailChimp newsletter, so if you would like additional information, the PDFs, and a look behind the scenes, please subscribe (I promise, I will never spam you).

This site is ran on personal funds and out of a brotherly love for Taylor. Donations would be greatly appreciated, but are by no means required. Use the following link to donate.