Omni is a library that has over 65 functions ranging from encryption and serialization to the base functions that really kicked off ThemeBase

Areon Controls

Areon Controls is a library that contains three new Windows Form controls to use, a custom progress bar, a customizable textbox, and a button.

Areon Alarm

Areon Alarm is a simple alarm clock application

Areon Chat

Areon Chat is a simple chatting application (both client and server) written around the legacy Winsock API.

Areon Downloader

Areon Downloader was an application that Aeonhack wrote to distribute his applications. The code would download a listing of his applications on his website and would allow users to download them from a simple user interface.

Areon Explorer

Areon Explorer is a simple application that allows users to browse directories

Areon Flash

Areon Flash is an application that allows users to load up Flash applications (SWF) and in a sense, debug them.

Areon Manual

Areon Manual is a small application that utilizes embedded text files to store snippets and various other data.

Areon Scanner

Areon Scanner is a simple TCP port scanning utility.

Areon Serials

Areon Serials is a demo application to demonstrate generating pseudo-random serial numbers for use in a licensing system.

Areon Slots

Areon Slots is an implementation of the popular casino game, Slots.


This convenient little tool will allow you quickly generate hashes for both files and strings. It currently supports the following hashes in both base64 and hexadecimal formats: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and RIPEMD160.

Checksum was released on July 13, 2010

Data Compare

This is just a small tool I put together allowing the end user to compare two files. It recursively scans through all the data and calculates the total percentage of similarities between the two.

Please take care when comparing files larger then 1GB. The implemented method requires all data to be loaded into memory for scanning. The program may crash if the files selected are too large for your RAM to store.

Data Compare was released on May 10, 2010


Chances are your current password is not as secure as you may think. The length and variance you use make it exponentially more difficult for a hacker to crack. If your password is comprised of only letters, or numbers your sensitive information is at high risk of being compromised.

Never use names, dates, or even words for that matter. Instead your password should be comprised of random letters, numbers, and optionally symbols. This software will help you easily generate secure passwords with options to change the character sets, length and as a bonus you may also rate the strength of your current password by entering it into the field.

Enigma was released on 29 March, 2010

Media Feather

I'm not sure about you guys but I am tired of that bulky Windows Media Player and it's repetitive shuffle algorithim. Media Feather runs at about 50% less memory usage then other media players out there. If that's not enough, it also plays a huge variety of audio files assuming you have the proper codecs installed.

Media Feather was released on the April 1, 2010

.Net Ghost

.Net Ghost is a simple tool that can be used to obfuscate your VB.Net source code.

.Net Pack

Have you coded a huge program or do you want to help protect one of your existing programs? This software will use the 7zip algorithm to compress and hide your original code lowering the total file size by up to 70%.

Just a small side note, using this on a program under 100KB may not see any size reduction. The size may even increase by a small amount.

.Net Pack was released on March 28, 2010


Codebase is a file-based snippet storage application that was originally written by StarZ (of and was heavily updated and maintained by Aeonhack

This was obtained on May 27, 2010


Corium is a small, easy to use file encryption tool with an integrated, user-friendly file explorer


MintUI was an open source successor to Aeonhack's popular ThemeBase library. It is a series of base components that are written in such a way to allow the developer to easily customize the look and feel of them while keeping the code clean and modular.

.Net Protector

.Net Protector is a small application that changes a single byte in a .NET application's header to disable (older versions) of .NET Reflector from being able to successfully decompile the application.

.Net Protector was released on July 13, 2010


Nexium was an open source project to create a minimal, yet advanced and highly capable chat application.


Optimem (optimum memory) is a neat little tool I wrote that can perform two very handy functions.

The first is to kill all non vital system processes which is truly a god send on cluttered computers, not to mention it could be helpful when dealing with malware. The second little trick it can perform is to free unused memory that programs are hogging for themselves.

For optimal results, right click the program and run it as an administrator. Just as a small side note this can and probably will end some processes such as your anti-virus, messenger, media player, etc. Just restart them afterwords.

Optimem was released on March 13, 2011

Port Scout

This one was designed for you network administrators and gamers out there. I cannot begin to count the times someone has told me a port is open only to find out later it was not. This is a frustrating scenario for everyone so to ease the process some this software was created to scan for open ports.

Port Scout was released on March 28, 2010


This tool's initial purpose was to be used for the popular Facebook game CafeWorld. It will display a small message to the user reminding them of events they have scheduled.

I caught myself using it for other purposes though and decided to make some modifications to it, allowing for use in more general environments. I hope you all find this little program as useful as I have!

Reminder was released on May 1, 2010

Time Loom

Do you need to wake up early in the morning or check something you are cooking? Do you keep hitting that snooze button and you are just looking for a secondary alarm to ensure you are where you need to be on time? This software was designed just for you. Set the target time, minimize it, and forget about it.

Time Loom was released on March 28, 2010

Red Panda UI

Red Panda UI was a premium custom UI framework written around the MintUI framework.

Pastebin Archive

This is an archive of all of the public "pastes" on Aeonhack's Pastebin account. This is so that you don't have to download the snippets individually.

NetSeal Theme

NetSeal Theme is a ThemeBase theme written by Aeonhack as an example of the complex design capabilities of ThemeBase.
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