#2 – Week One

I didn’t sleep well, due in part to the fact that we’re not allowed to have pillows (which I think is inhumane) and also because they give you this very thin knitted blanket and max out the A.C.

Still, eventually I was able to fall asleep and despite waking up bruised on both hips from the joke of a mattress they gave me (imagine folding two sheets together to form a pallete) I was fairly content. For a brief fleeting moment each morning I wake up thinking I’m at home in my bed.

That first full day in prison was the hardest, it seemed to drag on forever and it was the first moment I really had any doubt in myself being able to endure this place for 3~ years.

It got much easier very quickly. The days just seem to fly by at this point and each time I see the date I’m shocked to realize it’s already the 10th when it feels like the 3rd. I’m going to be out of here before I realize it. I just hope I can do something productive in the mean time.

Beyond that I read my first book since I was 13. It’s called Ready Player One and it was awesome; I finished it in two days. When I’m not reading I’m taking long naps and writing letters. It’s a simple life, but there are no bills or obligations to worry about which is nice. I just miss my family and friends, and my GF of course, but I’ll manage! =)

To be continued…

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